Journey through the same October through four different perspectives, until you've solved all the
mysteries of the Vanishing. THE WATCHTOWER SECRET is the third adventure through this October.

Scooter and Stokely Scabbins live on a pumpkin farm with the other dozen members of their family. Always up to mischief, they've never given much thought to being twins. But they soon discover that their bond gives them unique powers.

After witnessing what they believe is a murder near the forbidden watchtower, the Scabbins twins become wrapped up in a whirlwind of mysteries. They soon discover that there is more to the watchtower than ghost stories and an escaped murderer--the Vothlor are growing stronger by the day, and working within the walls of Hobble. The twins come to suspect the darkness may even be living inside the retired pumpkin farmer who creeps through the swampland at night, and is rumored to have worked with the Vothlor during the Old War.

The more involved the twins become in Hobble's secrets, the more they realize their lives are in great danger. But what if their mischief has taken them too far this time?

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  • Pumpkin Dance
  • Monster Watch
  • Invisible Rower
  • Skeleton Room


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