Journey through the same October through four different perspectives, until you've solved all the
mysteries of the Vanishing. In this full Volume edition, you can read through Books 1-4 in one sitting!

VOLUME ONE: THE VANISHING includes Books 1 - 4 of OCTOBERS . . . THE TIME CRYSTAL, THE HERMIT'S MANSION, THE WATCHTOWER SECRET, and THE PROTECTOR'S EMERALD. Join Notch Cricklewood, Starflyer Stevens, Scooter and Stokely Scabbins, and Moony Jarman on their first adventures as they fight to save Hobble from the evil Vothlor.

THE VANISHING is the first Volume in the innovative new series by J.H. Reynolds and Craig Cunningham.

  • Black Kyte
  • The Secret Cellar
  • Pappy's Funeral
  • Time Flash
  • Robot Dreams
  • Twisted Dance
  • Hideous Beast
  • Light Dock
  • Pumpkin Dance
  • Monster Watch
  • Invisible Rower
  • Skeleton Room
  • Crater Light
  • Barn Meeting
  • Ghost Circle
  • Protector's Sanctuary
  • First Flight


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