Journey through the same October through four different perspectives, until you've solved all the
mysteries of the Vanishing. THE TIME CRYSTAL is the first adventure through this October.

Notch Cricklewood is bored by his life at the Museum Of Wonders, where he lives amongst statues and relics from the distant past. Though his father and grandfather hope for him to apprentice with them at the Museum, Notch is hungry to live his own adventures and make history.

When all the children in Hobble begin to mysteriously disappear, Notch sets out to solve the vanishings in order to make a name for himself. But when a member of the Vothlor army kills someone close to him, the new war becomes much more personal. Notch's persistence soon leads him on a quest to find the legendary Time Crystal—an ancient relic that gives its possessor the power to change the course of history. If he can find the crystal, he believes he can save the missing children and bring the dead back to life.

But what if the Vothlor find it first?

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  • Black Kyte
  • The Secret Cellar
  • Pappy's Funeral
  • Time Flash


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