J.H. Reynolds

J.H. Reynolds lives behind a waterfall deep in the Lostwood, with his mounds of books. He is currently building a treehouse empire with his old mentor, Gimble, where all his friends can one day live. He spends most of his time exploring the forest or paddling down the Midnight River, looking for new adventures. On festival occasions, he visits Hobble, usually staying at the Candletin Inn with the Jarmans, at the Museum Of Wonders with the Cricklewoods, or at his good friend Craig Cunningham's house.

Craig Cunningham

Craig Cunningham lives with his wife, Kayleigh, in the western neighborhood of Hobble. They enjoy cool October evenings on their front porch, sipping cider and watching the shenanigans of the Stevens' household just across the street. Since his school days, he has enjoyed a long career working on the pumpkin farm with Gabbo Scabbins. In his spare time, Craig journeys into the Lostwood to write stories about Hobble with his good friend, J.H. Reynolds.


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